David Bowie once wrote a song about changes. He was talking about personal transformations that take place over time.
Change is the only constant in life. Even when you think everything is staying the same, it isn’t.
It’s kind of like watching a river. You might look out your window and think that river never changes, it’s always the same view. But it’s not. Subtle changes are taking place day by day. River banks are eroding. The water is cutting new channels.
It’s that way throughout nature and throughout our individual lives. You can’t fight change. So you might as well embrace it.
That’s especially true right now with the changing of the seasons upon us. It’s still warm. But there are subtle changes taking place. The daylight hours grow a little shorter. I’m not noticing my hummingbirds around as much. They’ve already sensed something is changing, and likely many of them are already headed south.
In just a number of weeks, the greens of nature will be replaced by golden tones. And then the leaves will let go of their grip and fall to the ground, decaying day by day until they are again one with the earth.
Things have to have an end to have a new beginning.
So…..when the air cools, breathe it in. Embrace it. Embrace the change in the world around you and the world within yourself.
It’s only natural.