One of the things that make humans unique is that we have a need to let others know we are unique.

The whole fashion industry is based on that need for humans to express who they are through the way they dress.

The same is true in the jewelry industry. Women’s jewelry has long reflected that need for recognition of individuality. The same hasn’t always been true of men’s jewelry. In the past there weren’t many jewelry choices for men.

Wow! Has that ever changed!

Today jewelry designers are recognizing that men, are indeed, totally different from women. While gold and diamonds are the cornerstones of the women’s jewelry market, those same materials are not always ideal for men’s jewelry.

First, men do not want to look like women when it comes to jewelry….and honestly gold and diamonds are not ideally suited for jewelry for men. Men are rough. Even if they have an office job, chances are they have some very active hobbies that are rough on jewelry. Gold, while beautiful, is a softer metal than most men’s jewelry needs for every day wear.

So alternative metals like tungsten, cobalt, ceramic, silver and stainless steel have been developed for men’s jewelry. These metals make for attractive jewelry, yet at the same time are durable enough for every day wear by even the most active men.

And jewelry design is reaching out to men to allow them and their interests to take center stage.

Here at Hilderbrand Diamond Company, we’ve developed a line of men’s jewelry we call our American Sportsman Jewelry line. You can see it at

Through our design techniques, we can create a piece of jewelry that allows men to tell the world who they are, and what they like.

Whether a man is a deer hunter in the Midwest, a yachtsman on the East Coast, or a Snow Boarder in the Mountains, we can design a piece of jewelry that gets the blood rushing just like the adrenaline rush men experience when engaged in their favorite sport.

And we have a number of metals to choose from for the perfect ring for every man, and at a price that will surprise you.

Check it out and see if you don’t agree. We’ve got men figured out…..even if women do think they are from a different planet.