I still remember my very first pair of boots. I was probably about 9 years old. Somewhere, Lord only knows where, my mom found a little pair of Go-Go Boots that fit me. They were white…..with white fringe down the middle of them. I thought they looked just like the ones the Dallas Cowgirls wore. And Nancy Sinatra had just released her one-hit wonder, “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'”.

I was a little bitty squirt. I'm sure I didn't even weight 50 pounds. EVERYBODY was bigger than me. My brother, who was four years younger, was still WAY bigger than me. But that didn't mean I couldn't beat him when we wrestled. I was scrawny….but….at least in my own mind….I could be bad ass. And the point is….those boots helped.

Boots have always been a symbol of female empowerment. Doesn't matter whether they are ankle length or to the knee, or past the knee….boots always make a woman feel like she can kick some ass.

So….I'm very happy to tell you boots are VERY in style this year. So….ladies….gear up.

And there are so many choices…..black leather…..brown leather….something that isn't but looks like leather and is a lot cheaper. Some lace up….some zip up….some you just pull on. Doesn't matter….they all look fabulous and give you that sense of empowerment just by slipping them on.

The only downside to boots is…..they are not always all that comfortable. I've had many a pair of fabulous looking boots that I didn't end up wearing all that much because either they made my legs hot (as in not being able to BREATH), or they had heels that made my feet hurt after walking across just a parking lot.

So….NEVER buy a boot without trying it on first. The comfort level will increase if you've chosen a good quality of leather that breathes and if you've chosen a heel height or type that works with your feet.

All of this reminds me of my favorite boot story. Kevin and I were in Belgium to buy diamonds. Belgium is a very gloomy, rainy country most of the time. And….women walk EVERYWHERE there. So they are experts on comfortable and stylish boots. You just can't get that serious, European look without them.

So….I went from boot store to boot store in Antwerp looking for boots. As if leather boots weren't expensive enough on their own, it was made worse by the exchange rate. But….I finally found a reasonable boot store with attractive boots.

But then I have to find a sales girl who is willing to help me. Sales is totally different in Europe. They're not going to fall all over you like they do in the States. No….way too cool for that.

But I finally find a sales girl who will put her European pride aside to help an American.  I find a pair I like in my size….no easy feat since I have small feet. But we run into problems with the zipper. It just won't go over my calf.

So….she diplomatically explains that American women have “more muscular” calves than European women. Hmmmm. Imagine that…..we Americans have more “muscular” calves than European women who walk everywhere. Interesting.,

But….I did finally find a pair that would zip up.

I'll have to dig them out of the closet and see if my legs have gotten too muscular for them.

Nothing like muscular calves to take the wind out of my empowerment.